Keeping American History alive, digitizing American Picking

Dave Nguyen
3 min readApr 17, 2021

As an avid 2nd hand enthusiast, or what my friends call me a hoarder, I was thinking the other night about if “American picking” is dying off, as covid has closed a lot of open doors from enthusiast to enthusiast, peer to peer, and limited small antique malls to the public.

David with his toys

I did an analysis and found out the strongest supporters of American Picking is about 55+ years old.

Long story short, how do we get these enthusiasts connected without the mobility? When you think Picker, you think more of a buyer.

Even being an avid Picker with good mobility, I just don’t get as many options and reach as I want when it comes to wanting something particular in mind.

Ok so WE NEED TO DIGITIZE BUYERS in a MARKETPLACE to connect buyers with more sellers and options! DUH!! (Do U Have)

I JUST WANT SELLERS TO COME TO ME so I can pick and choose from.

That leads me to do a startup . A 2nd hand marketplace driven off NEEDS. Built and founded by thrifters and enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. How does it work?

  • An Enthusiast posts what he/she is looking for with their zip code.
  • The Enthusiast uploads one picture to give the audience an even better idea since some vintage, collector items are just hard to describe.
  • The Enthusiast posts their maximum budget letting the audience know that they most likely are not RETAIL buying customers. (the whole point of being a picker!)

Bam, and its out to 22,000 audience members/month nationwide. DOUHAVE has a audience growing at 288% month over month, connecting more sellers to buyers.

Sometimes folks ponder of selling off some things they didn't think they would want to sell. Potential sellers contact the buyer on the site to present what they have to offer.

We believe its the future on digitizing American Picking. What are your thoughts?

DOUHAVE also has a service to search the best marketplaces (there are just too many!) per your posting and send the best matching, highest quality (they filter out those darn scams!)& local listings and sends them right to the Buyer to view and choose from.

Like the idea? Support them to build more features like blogs, social commerce structure, and mobile app development! Help them raise money here > .



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